Increase Heat Efficiency With Weather Stripping in your White Horse Beach Home

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Looking for ways to keep heat in your White Horse Beach home? Weather stripping just might be your answer.

Stripping is very effective in reducing heating and air leakage from windows and doors. Available in a variety of materials, the stripping is applied between the frame and sash for windows, and between the jamb and along the sweep for doors. Stripping for windows has to accommodate sliding windowpanes and withstand dragging on carpet when used on doors.

When choosing the type of stripping to use, pick the material that will work best for your home. There are felt and open-cell foams, which are inexpensive but not as effective as other materials. Vinyl, while slightly more expensive, is known to hold up to weather considerably well. Metals including bronze, copper, stainless steal and aluminum are known to last for years.

For double-hung and casement windows, weatherstripping comes in many different forms. Made from materials such as bronze, aluminum, stainless steel or vinyl, spring-type weatherstripping is best used for sealing double-hung windows due to their low visibility compared to other options.
Pliable-gasket weatherstripping is best used for wood casement, sliding and hinged windows. Installed in the channels and sash of these window types, pliable-gasket weatherstripping is made from material such as vinyl, foam, felt and sponge.

While spring-type and pliable-gasket are popular weatherstripping types used for windows in White Horse Beach, try to avoid using compressible felt strips. This weatherstripping type lacks durability, and should be considered for use only for warped windows that are rarely opened.

The application method of weatherstripping mostly depends on the type of material being used. However, regardless of which material is used, a few basic guidelines apply across the board when it comes to weatherstripping:

– Apply to clean, dry surfaces in temperatures above 20 degrees Fahrenheit.
– Measure the area where the weatherstripping is slated for application to avoid wasting any material.
– Make sure the weatherstripping is applied snuggly against both surfaces. It should compress when the window or door is shut.

When weather-stripping doors, be sure to cover the entire doorjamb, applying one continuous strip along each side. Make sure the weather stripping material meets tightly at each corner. Use a thickness that causes all of the weather stripping to tightly press between the door and the doorjamb when the door closes without making it difficult to shut.

When sealing windows, apply the weather stripping between the sash and the window frame. The weather stripping material should not interfere with the general operation of the window.
If weatherstripping or caulking doesn’t fix the leak problem, inspect the window panes. Use silicone or window caulking around the perimeter to seal any loose panes in your White Horse Beach home.

Weatherstripping should increase the energy efficiency of your home. Consult a heating and cooling professional to best find out the type of weather-stripping that will work best for your windows and doors.

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